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Planning for Access Control

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Access control wiring

When it comes to planning the development of a multifamily community, understanding your access control needs and implementing the right system upfront is essential for long-term success. Without proper security measures that often come from an effective and well managed access control system, you face increased liability risks and decreased safety for residents.

A successful access control plan requires foresight, reliable technology and a commitment to implementation - all of which add up to peace of mind that your property and tenants are safe. At Turnkey, we work directly with your team in a consultant capacity to ensure that building specs are ideal for the type of access control solution you want to implement. Our goal is to reduce your premises liability, protect your assets, and keep your residents safe.

Access control is an essential part of a multifamily community's strategic planning. Ensuring the safety of a resident's unit and its belongings are at the top of the list for any developer or property manager, and having access control in place before building can greatly reduce the chance for liability later on down the road. With Turnkey’s experience installing even the most intricate access control systems, you can make sure that your property gives its residents peace of mind about their safety. From providing vehicular access to installing fully functional high-tech video surveillance, we have all you need. What’s more, our customer support staff is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have during installation and operation. Don’t just wait around – reach out to Turnkey today!

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