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The developers came to our team and asked us to use our expertise in multifamily to design and install a turnkey security solution for their new development in Dallas, TX. With the crime rate in Dallas on the rise, they needed something that would not only be secure but also match the quality of the type of build they were developing.


Our team developed a security design that implemented Accentra for access control, security cameras, and speakers because the integrated system met the prominent security needs while being cost effective for the developer. All residents are able to use their phone as a credential for access to the complex parking garage, amenity spaces, and even their own units. This has given residents and property staff peace of mind in relying on a system that is easy to use while offering top-tier security.


From the developer's standpoint, they were relieved to have one vendor managing the access control, security camera system, and the speaker system. We often see projects that are installed by one vendor then maintained afterwards by a completely different vendor. The luxury of having a Turnkey solution where your original installer also be the go-to for maintenance, warranties, and even expansion is a huge advantage.



Larq Henderson was an existing property that needed an access control upgrade. The existing system was clunky, outdated and not user-friendly. We see this often in the multifamily space, where the access control systems are so out of date that they're more of a hassle than a benefit. This property is Class A so they needed something simple yet highly functional.

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We landed on a design that would completely scrap the old system while still using the existing infrastructure so that the project was in line with budget. We replaced the existing system with Brivo access control so the property now has a modern access control system that can expand to include unit entry doors seamlessly


This is an investment that will serve the developer and residents for years to come and access control is now one less thing that they have to worry about in the day-to-day management of the property. Brivo's access control solution made this project seamless despite dealing with the challenges of retrofitting access control for an existing property when running new wire can be an obstacle. 





Hilton came to us looking to enhance the security of their prominent hotel in an area of Dallas where crime has become an issue. Their existing camera system was over 15 years old and the band-aid fixes over the years had begun to fail. This 45 acre hotel needed dependable cameras and software that would mitigate challenges brought about by crime.


After inspecting the existing system, our team determined a full camera renovation with new wire and a separate fiber network was necessary. There was a cost to consider here but the reality was that they needed something more secure and the decision to invest in their cameras and completely fix the existing problem made the most sense. This decision also saved them money long-term.

The Hilton Anatole now has a modern and efficient camera system that will last for at least two decades and allows their security staff to be more effective in keeping guests and the property secure. Over 280 cameras have been installed around the property. Their security team has an intuitive and secure system to view and manage the cameras. You can't always stop crime from happening but in this case we provided solutions that hardened the target and will deter crime.

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